Ready, Set, Grow

August 13, 2019

Help me give my students planters for our outdoor learning environment, so they can plant, care for, harvest, and then EAT vegetables as they learn more about plants and the world around them.

Our Montessori classroom focuses on educating the whole child, and nothing is more basic than the need for food. Unfortunately, most of my lower-income suburban students think that the few vegetables they will actually eat come only from the grocery store.

By planting, growing, harvesting, and eating their own vegetables my kids will grow in their scientific knowledge of plants, and grow in their own healthier bodies.

The planter boxes will allow my students to work in our outdoor classroom area either independently or in small groups as they investigate the various stages of plant growth and development.

And I guarantee even the fussiest of kids will eat a vegetable if they were the one who grew it!


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Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Improved occupant health & performance
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy

Impact of project

Environmental and habitat restoration
Waste reduction
Improved air quality
Improved school nutrition
Increased physical activity
Educated on sustainable skills and practices
Educated on sustainability knowledge

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Thank you so much!!!!

We love learning about plants - especially when we get to grow them ourselves - and thanks to you, we can and DO, everyday!!!