Green Apple project resources

Organizing and leading your project

Each Green Apple project will be different, but over the years we’ve developed timelines, tips, and promotional materials that can be used for any project. Access our complete project guide to get started, organize and execute your project.

Project guide


Although many Green Apple projects can be implemented with little cost, making deep and meaningful impacts at schools can require funding. To ensure that you can make the difference you want to see at your school, below are some suggested fundraising resources and opportunities.


Free for public and charter school educators, is a crowdfunding platform to help raise funds for the classroom. Educators raise money through the website for supplies or equipment listed in’s extensive catalog. Once the fundraising is complete, will order and ship supplies directly to the school. Use the phrase “Green Apple” in your description, and we will direct funding your way, as available.

For more information, go to's about page. For directions on setting up an account, visit's help page.

Local funding resources

The Center for Green Schools has curated a list of local and state fundraising resources available for schools to utilize in their search for project funding. This list is updated on an annual basis.

Local funding resources