Our gift to future students

April 27, 2022

Our project begins in November by joining a British Council live event together in our English class (November 17). The purpose is to get the students interested in environmental issues and see how easy it is to get involved and make a difference. After that, a series of lessons on environmental topics will be held in order to teach the students relevant vocabulary and good practices. After that, the students will create a poster about what our school already is doing to help protect the environment. They will also make another poster with their ideas about what more we could do. Hopefully, some of their ideas will be applicable and manageble before our Green Apple Day of Service, which is April 22 or Earth Day. An Earth Day event will be held where all out idas and potentioal results will be presented to all the students and staff.
November 17 Education exchange: How can schools go carbon neutral?- British Council live event
November 24 Make a difference: The story of your T-shirt (recycle/reuse, child labour, sweatshops, sustainability)
December 1 Documentary: A life on our planet -David Attenborough
December 8 Blood phones: coltan mines in the Congo, Endangered animals: gorillas
December 15 Environmental issues: debate
December 22 Documentary: Before the flood, Project planning
February 2 Writing: Describing a process (chocolate, coffee, paper)
February 16 Changing lives the Fairtrade way (What is Fairtrade?/How does Fairtrade work?/What kind of products are available?), Student assigned to follow IQAir
March 2 Air quality report and comparison, Making posters for Earth Day
April 6 Plant based diet: Documetary/ Discussion
April 25 School exibition of our Earth day posters


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Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy

Impact of project

Energy and/or water conservation
Waste reduction
Educated on sustainable skills and practices
Educated on sustainability knowledge