Millikan Garden Revival

September 21, 2019

Join us Saturday September 21st from 8:00am to 12:30pm for Millikan Garden Beautification Day to kickoff the Garden Revival Project. Our goal is to re-establish and maintain Millikans 1 acre campus gardens/farm through collaborations and partnerships within the school community and the larger community as well. Our day of service includes cleaning and organizing outdoor sheds, preparing plots for planting, repairing garden beds, painting, planting, organizing and inventoring tools and supplies. Also we will begin work on restoring a turtle pond that once housed 20 turtles. This space could be used science teachers to test water and aniamals. A small grove of fruit trees need to be pruned and shaped. Please bring gloves and any labeled tools . All gardens need clearing. Chicken coop needs to be repaired and cleaned out. To ensure the long term success of the open space, the PTSA supports the creation of a Sustainability and Wellness Club that is open to all Millikan students who will support and maintains the area for all.
Our guiding principles for The Garden Revival project are
1. Create a welcoming space on campus where inclusion and collaboration are expected. A space for the whole school community to utilize to enhance and/or elevate their current curriculum or to improve services to the students.
a. Outdoor classes
b. Quite areas for respite
c. HARM spaces designed for remediation/counseling
d. Small to Large group gatherings for social and educational purposes
2. Teach, share, practice Food source knowledge, nutrition, well-being and healthy lifestyle habits for the school community. Through a partnership with Grant HS we can develop a feeder program for Grant’s horticultural program.
3. Develop through private and public partnerships, innovative garden designs that will be based on sound sustainability practices.
4. Build a community project to benefit all and one that can sustain for future classes to come. The success and longevity of Millikan’s Garden and Grove depends on the involvement of many students, families, teachers, staff and community members.


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Reduced environmental impact
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