Ithaca High School (IHS) Climate Action Expo

May 22, 2022

The IHS Climate Action Expo will be a fun and inclusive event that is open to all students, parents, guardians and community members, with the goal of informing participants about the realities of the climate crisis and equipping them with the tools to address it. In addition to reimagining our future specific to the environment, we recognize the importance of accounting for inequities and fighting against all systems of oppression. The climate movement, both historically and currently, is very white dominated, which needs to change. Both the transition and end goal must prioritize the needs and leadership of marginalized communities. This just transition cannot be achieved without inclusivity and diversity of perspectives, for those who have experienced systems of oppression first-hand have the greatest understanding on how to dismantle them. The event will focus on educating participants about the importance of achieving environmental justice through practical and equitable steps.


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