I Spy Science and Art in the Garden

March 27, 2020

Kids and the outdoors, what a fabulous combination! Nothing like a little hard work with quick results right before your eyes, with just a little bit of water and sunshine, life within a week! This is what a garden can bring to my students!

This excitement has many of my students engaged in wanting to create a beautiful oasis right on their campus.
They plan on making it a work in progress to pass onto future students, as caregivers of “their” space. It will be a place to learn, work, study and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It will be an opportunity to see the results of their ideas across the curriculum and share that scope with others in other schools.

My students see an empty canvas in which to paint beautiful scenery within their campus with a large vegetable garden w/composting, butterfly garden, native plants along with art and a fountain, all made with recyclable material. Their focus is to make an environmental impact and raise awareness for a need of more green space. Because of its location facing a main thoroughfare, they are hoping to visually spread the knowledge!


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