How Does My Garden Grow? With Reclaimed Water and Compost

August 13, 2019

Help me give my students a composter and rain barrel to use in their vegetable garden so they can help make the planet healthier as they learn to be healthier themselves.

My Montessori classroom integrates practical life into the daily curriculum which includes an outdoor learning environment and vegetable garden.

My student gardeners will be environmentalists as they use reclaimed water from the rain barrel and recycled organic material from the composter to provide irrigation and fertilizer to their vegetables.

They will learn the importance of respect for themselves as they grow healthy food for their own growing healthy bodies. At the same time they will demonstrate respect for the environment as they discover how to reduce, reuse, and recycle instead of adding to the current pollution and waste that our world suffers.


Students attended


Staff attended


Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Improved occupant health & performance
Reduce landfill waste

Impact of project

Energy and/or water conservation
Waste reduction
Increased physical activity
Educated on sustainable skills and practices
Educated on sustainability knowledge

More impact of project

Thank you so much!

I thank you, my students thank you, their families thank you, and our planet thanks you!!!

The composter and rain barrel you provided our class have opened their eyes to the importance of sustainability and recycling. This foundation will continue to grow with them into their adulthood as they become environmentally aware citizens of our earth. They are going to help change the world - thanks to you!!!