Green Team ROCKS!

July 16, 2021

Our "Green Team" has grown greatly in the past two years, grades Pre-K through second! Our student members are enthusiastic and sincere about educating their peers, teachers, and families about ways to "go green!" Some favorite activities are school ground clean-ups, collecting school recycling, participating in "Green Team Tip" announcements, hosting tables at school events, and leading ink cartridge, marker, and crayon collections to send off for recycling. We are looking forward to starting back up when we return to school in the fall, especially after becoming a MAEOE Green School this past school year!

Student members have expressed interest in making Kindness and "GREEN" rocks to place around their school and home communities.
Rocks will be painted by students with kindness and "green" messages that they want to share. The requested materials will allow our members to get reminders and messages out to reduce, reuse, recycle, plant, and be kind in a fun and hands-on way!


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