Find the funds to complete your Green Apple Day of Service project

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September 26, 2017
Kristen Keim

Green Apple Day of Service is off and running in states and countries around the globe. Many project ideas can be implemented with volunteer service and donated materials; others require a financial investment. If you need funding for your project, here are some opportunities and resources to help.

Our Green Apple Project Checklist covers each step of making your project happen, from getting it off the ground and enlisting volunteers to executing the event. ”Part Two: Putting the Pieces Together” provides tips for creating a budget and raising funds.

Because these service projects unite parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations to transform our schools into healthy and sustainable learning environments, they are often attractive to prospective funders, such as companies, foundations or individual donors.

For first-time fundraisers, it’s good to familiarize yourself with your options. You’ll want to know the difference between sponsorship and donations, according to the IRS:

  • In a sponsorship, the business or persons giving money receives a benefit from the donation. That money will only be tax-deductible if the donation given exceeds the market value of the benefit the sponsor is given.
  • A donation is given without any benefit for the donor and is tax-deductible. Grants are a great way to receive funding for your projects.

Organizations willing to fund projects require an application and have deadlines for applying. Here’s a few we think are tailor-made for funding Green Apple Day of Service projects. Read closely to ensure you meet grant requirements and deadlines:

  • Miron, a construction company, is offering $1,000 to the winner of its “Be Green in ‘17” contest. To apply, create a one-minute video explaining how your school would use the money to go green and upload it to your school's Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page. The contest runs through October 20, with the winner announced on November 3. Visit Miron's video contest page for details.
  • The Nature Conservancy is donating 60 individual $2,000 grants to schools where students are creating solutions to environmental challenges in their community. Check out The Nature Conservancy's info page for more information. The deadline to apply is November 3, and winners will be announced November 30.
  • Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation awards grants from $2,000 to $100,000 to projects that upgrade their school’s technology, renovate the school and improve safety or provide tools for STEM programs. The applications close September 29. Visit the Lowe's grant page to learn more.
  • Home Depot grants up to $5,000 to schools looking to repair, refurbish or modify the school building or weatherize or improve its energy efficiency. As a school, you would fill out the "government" application on Home Depot’s grant information page.
  • Staples gives grants of up to $25,000. Through its 2 Million and Change program, Staples creates a chance for local employees to nominate projects for a grant. Visit 2 Million and Change for more information.
  • Walmart provides $250 to $2,500 through its foundation. To qualify, you just need to submit an application. The application deadline for this year is December 31. Visit the Walmart Foundations grant page to apply.

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