Cleaning Up our Trees and Planting space

October 28, 2019

We have an area of perennial plants next to our recess field that is overgrown with volunteer trees. These trees have become a problem with their size and extending out over the sidewalk area that students use to access our door to the school. We chose Oct. 28 to have a clean up the planting area day after school from3:30-5:30. We had a very small group of 6 which included 1 teacher, 2 students, 1 parent, and 2 administrators. We cut down the volunteer trees that were not planted initially and plan to do more cleaning up of the area next spring, thinning out the plantings and adding mulch.


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Our day was cold, so our group was small, but mighty! We got all of the volunteer trees cut down that were growing randomly. Many of which are not species we would want in this area and were encroaching on our sidewalks and doorway. We plan to thin out the remaining plants next spring as a group project and replant native species if we can in this area.